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Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the National Bible Bee is dedicated to planting God’s Word in the hearts of young people and proclaiming it across the nation. Thousands have joined the journey to “know God’s Word and make Him known” through the NBB Summer Study and the National Bible Bee Competition.  With the recently aired National Bible Bee Game Show and other social media options, the impact has continued, by God’s grace, to yield the increased participation across the country.

The National Bible Bee was founded with the mission to cultivate not only a heart to memorize God’s Word but also to understand and apply the Bible to daily life through the NBB Summer Study. Opportunities to proclaim the Scriptures are available through the National Bible Bee Competition and other local and broadcast venues.

This year at NRB Proclaim 18, participants from the National Bible Bee shared excerpts from Scripture from the hundreds of verses they have memorized. Each one of these young people have dedicated their summers to studying and memorizing passages from the Bible, pouring countless hours into knowing God’s Word and making Him known in their local communities.  They were selected from previous National Bible Bee Competitions where they were ranked among the top in the nation. More importantly, they bring wholehearted enthusiasm to the proclamation of His Truth.

Learn more at biblebee.org.

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