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Have you ever looked at a breathtaking landscape and stood amazed at the beauty and awe of the sight? Or looked at a flower and wondered at the perfect symmetry and interacices of nature? Or found yourself dumbfounded by the amazing balance that exists in the universe and how everything is perfectly aligned to make it possible for us to live here?

It is times like these that reveal the nature and wonder of our Creator; His attention to detail, His loving care, His joy in what He made. The beauty, power, and glory of God are on full display. Creation is His stage, and you are created to inhabit His theater and enjoy the show.

Do you have eyes to witness and enjoy His majesty in that which He created? Do you see what He reveals about Himself? That is the question we all should ask ourselves. We encourage you to behold God’s beauty, to acknowledge His sovereignty, to grasp His unconditional love for you, and most importantly, to believe in the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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