National Bible Bee

To know God’s word and Make Him Known


National Bible Bee was founded in 2009 with the mission to engage young people in the memorization and study of God’s Word and provide opportunities to proclaim it through local, national and broadcast competitions. Through the Summer Study, Discovery Journal, and the National Bible Bee Competition, children learn to study and memorize God’s word.

Summer Study

The Summer Study is an 8-week study that explores Scripture through reading, memorization, and activities.


Contestants compete in Scripture knowledge and memorization as they “know God’s word and make Him known”.

Discovery Journal

Explore the Bible using study tools and methods such as keywords, cross-references, and memorization.

How to Use the National Bible Bee Social Community

If you have joined the National Bible Bee Social Community, and aren’t quite sure how to use it, here are some tips to get you started. The social community is only available to current registered...

Meet the 2021 Alumni Service Team: Jeremiah Wilkerson

Meet Jeremiah Wilkerson, a 19-year-old National Bible Bee alumnus from the mountainous state of Arizona. He’s participated in the National Bible Bee (NBB) for five years, having qualified for...

The Blessings of the National Bible Bee in My Life: A Participant Testimony

Twelve-year-old me was upstairs in my room practicing my violin when I heard a strange voice downstairs. Soon I heard clapping and cheering and then more strange voices. I went downstairs to...

How to Conduct a Biblical Word Study: 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to learn about the original meaning of words in Scripture, without becoming a Hebrew or Greek scholar? Conducting word studies can give fresh insight into Scripture that...

Dedicate Your Summer to Scripture This Year

This summer, thousands of young people across the nation will learn how to unlock Scripture and memorize God’s Word in an eight-week guided study. Today, we get to hear from three of these...

Meet the 2021 Alumni Service Team: Olivia Davis

Olivia Davis is an 18-year-old National Bible Bee alumna from Oregon. She competed in the National Bible Bee from 2010 to 2020, except for one year (2015). She enjoys playing the piano, baking,...

What Does it Mean to be a ‘Witness’?

Recently I’ve been taking a deeper look into the lives of the men and women in the New Testament. As I’ve been studying their lives, I’ve seen a recurring theme - believers together risking their...

Three Reasons Why Memorizing Scripture Matters

When I first started memorizing Scripture on my own, I viewed it as a 'Christian duty' that would give me a sense of accomplishment. I saw it as a 'bonus' but never as a necessity of the Christian...

Not Sure How to Study the Bible? Here’s How to Get Started

Let’s be honest, studying is hard, and if you don’t know how to do it, it can be even harder. This is the reason many Christians simply don’t study their Bible. Studying is a skill that needs to be...

Meet the 2021 Alumni Service Team: Joshua Hooper

Introducing the 2021 National Bible Bee Alumni Service Team members Each year, a group of 9 talented alumni come alongside National Bible Bee to curate content and encourage participants. We are...

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April 23 – May 14

Summer Study
June 7 – August 12

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