National Bible Bee

To know God’s word and Make Him Known


National Bible Bee was founded in 2009 with the mission to engage young people in the memorization and study of God’s Word and provide opportunities to proclaim it through local, national and broadcast competitions. Through the Summer Study, Discovery Journal, and the National Bible Bee Competition, children learn to study and memorize God’s word.

Summer Study

The Summer Study is an 8-week study that explores Scripture through reading, memorization, and activities.


Contestants compete in Scripture knowledge and memorization as they “know God’s word and make Him known”.

Discovery Journal

Explore the Bible using study tools and methods such as keywords, cross-references, and memorization.

Rewards from a Summer of Scripture: An Alumni Testimony

I can’t think of any good excuses not to do the National Bible Bee. Over four years of competing, I've learned many things. One by one God used each excuse I made and struggle I encountered to teach...

What Impact Does a Host Make?

Each summer, dozens of hosts across the nation commit to encouraging young people in their local community as they study and memorize God’s Word. We have asked a few National Bible Bee participants...

Participants Share Why You Should Join Them This Summer

National Bible Bee (NBB) registration is right around the corner, and many of our contestants are filled with excitement and anticipation! Read below to see what excites our contestants the most...

Five Ways to Incorporate More Scripture in 2022

Happy New Year! As 2021 has come to a close, and a new year is upon us, it’s a good time to pause and consider your vision and priorities for the coming year. God’s Word is a lamp to your feet and a...

Lessons from the 2021 National Bible Bee Competition

The National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC) is over and the winners have been announced! Our winners were Elizabeth Chen for the Senior division, Jedidiah Persall for the Junior Division, and Viaan...

What will the 2021 National Bible Bee Competition look like?

In just two weeks, 360 participants from across the nation will gather together in Covington, KY to participate in the National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC). If you’re one of these contestants or...

Cultivating a Love for Scripture

Do you love the Word of God? I’m not asking whether you love National Bible Bee, memorizing passages, or even studying Scripture; these are possible expressions of love, but the truth is almost...

Everlasting Hope: A Devotional on 1 Corinthians 15

1 Corinthians 15 has been a chapter of encouragement to me time and time again. Although this chapter isn’t one I would’ve thought to memorize until more recently, I’ve found myself coming back to...

Meet the 2021 Alumni Service Team: Ruth Derby

Ruth Derby is a 20-year-old National Bible Bee (NBB) alumna from Michigan. She competed in 2017 and 2018 and qualified both years, before joining the AST for the first time in 2019. She is currently...

How to Balance Studying with Other Activities

It’s deep into the National Bible Bee Competition study season. You may have started school for the fall, while still having NBB studying, family life, church activities, and a job on top of that....

Important Dates

Early Host Registration
January 17 – 31

Host Registration
February 1 – 28

Summer Study Theme Release
March 1

Late Host Registration
March 1 – 11

Advance Participant Registration
March 14 – 31

Summer Study
June 6 – August 11

National Bible Bee Competition

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