What Impact Does a Host Make?

January 19, 2022

Each summer, dozens of hosts across the nation commit to encouraging young people in their local community as they study and memorize God’s Word. We have asked a few National Bible Bee participants to share about their experiences, as they have been encouraged by the community aspect that their groups bring to the Summer Study.

“One of my favorite things about our local National Bible Bee groups is how much fellowship and encouragement comes from each other,” wrote 14-year-old David Jaster. “Our host finds fun activities that everyone can participate in and learn from. It is so encouraging to see others recite or answer quiz questions, and getting to participate yourself helps you prepare and get used to proclaiming God’s Word. Getting to know different like-minded families helps you make new friends.”

Even after participating in NBB for nine years, Angela Kipp still benefits from her local group gatherings throughout the summer. “My host group keeps me accountable in my studying, renews my excitement about the Word, and provides helpful resources and encouragement. Being part of a host group reminds me that I am not alone in my walk with Christ and encourages me to press on toward the prize. It’s easy to feel like you’re on your own. [But] a host group connects you with other kids who also love the Word of God. The friendships I have built both at Nationals and in our local host group have been so encouraging to me! I’ve discovered friends who will challenge me in my walk with Christ, and I know many of these friendships will last a lifetime!” 

Each host group is set up a little differently, and this is how Angela’s group does it: “[We meet] several times during the Summer Study to fellowship, play games, and review what we’re learning from the Discovery Journal. We usually open with prayer and musical worship, then the hosts share a few study resources with the group. Then we play a couple larger group games before splitting up by division for group discussion and review. After that, we break up by version and recite our memory passages to each other. After a closing song and prayer, we have fellowship time!”

Grace Weidenbenner enjoys being part of a host group in Missouri. This was her first year participating in NBB, and she shared how her host encouraged her over the summer.

“My favorite thing about my host group was being able to fellowship with others who were all working towards the same goal! I was always encouraged by everyone there, and especially by our dedicated host! She and her family worked hard to create games and activities to help us all review what we were learning, and look deeper into our study. My host group was also a huge blessing in helping me understand how to use the Discovery Journal and what I needed to work towards, especially as everything was very new to me! Even more than that, it provided accountability that helped me stay on track and pushed me to keep on working hard at studying and memorizing.”

Make an eternal impact in the lives of your community and become a host today. Learn more at biblebee.org/host

Composed by NBB Alumna: Ruth Derby

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