National Bible Bee (NBB) registration is right around the corner, and many of our contestants are filled with excitement and anticipation! Read below to see what excites our contestants the most upon participating, and find out why you should join the NBB! 

“I’m excited to memorize more of the Bible, apply it to my everyday life, and share God’s word with others,” said Angel, a 2021 qualifier in the Senior division. “I have never been so inspired to read, study, and memorize so much Scripture in my whole life. I’m also excited to, Lord willing, meet new people and get to study with other people across the country. Studying the Bible and learning with other like-minded believers across the country is very encouraging, inspiring, and makes long-lasting friendships.” 

After competing for ten years, Grace Lu ranked 4th place in the 2021 National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC) Senior Division. She shares, “The NBBC is always a highlight of my year. This past year God taught me what it means to surrender everything to Him and let Him take the throne in my life. The life lessons that I learned through studying for and competing at the NBBC are what make the NBB a valuable commitment for me. I’m looking forward to discovering what God has in store to teach me through the 2022 study.”

Ellia Pentimone, a contestant of nine years, says, “Something I’m really looking forward to about NBB 2022 is the chance to study a different book of the Bible that I have probably never studied too in-depth before. Then to see how it applies to my own life, because when I do my daily devotions, it is easy to just read over something. The NBB definitely challenges me to dig in and not only learn about that specific book, but also see how it applies to my own life and then go and live it out.”

But the excitement isn’t only arising among the older NBB contestants! Sam, a Primary contestant in the NBB says, “I am looking forward to doing the NBB Games again. One of the most fun parts of them is where you make a paper tower. Last year I made a raft out of the paper we used. My other favorite parts of the NBB were the Summer Study, Orals, and receiving a medal.” 

NBBC 2021 winner of the Junior division, Jedidiah Persall adds, “[One of my favorite parts about competing in the NBBC] would be studying a passage of the Bible that I have not studied before. Before I started NBB I never studied the Bible in-depth that much, so I’m really looking forward to digging into the Word of God come 2022. I also hope to find ways to study with the friends that I made over the 2021 season, as well as making new ones.”

For some, it is a bittersweet moment as this will be their last year competing. But even amidst the sadness of no longer being able to compete after the year closes out, contestants are still filled with excitement, ready to give it their all. “2021 was my second year in the NBBC, as well as my second to last. It’s hard for me to believe I’ll be aging out this year!” Alanna Berthelot says. “It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling, but I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for my last year. I’ve always wanted to make semi-finals, and this will be my last chance. If it’s God’s will, I’d love to make it! But ultimately, I want to grow closer to God and focus on Him, trusting Him with whatever place He chooses to give me.”

Finally, Sarah Johnson ends with these encouraging words, “God’s Word gives us life! (Psalm 119:50) His Word is our comfort, our delight, and our firm foundation for life. There is no better place to be than at the feet of Jesus learning from His Word. But like Martha in Luke 10, there are so many distractions in our lives trying to take us away from that precious place! [Participating in the NBB] gives me an opportunity to remove so many other things from my schedule and spend much more time in God’s Word than I normally would be able to. I’m excited to do that again this year, Lord willing! I’m excited to fill my heart with words of life, and to behold more of Christ in His Word. I’m excited to see the ways God will work through this year’s study as He has in previous years. For all these reasons and more, I can’t wait for NBB 2022!”

Composed by NBB Alumna: Hannah Kohner