An integral part of the Summer Study is the National Bible Bee host who takes time out of their summer to plan and prepare and pour into their local community. A host is any adult who has a passion to see Scripture being studied and memorized in their local community. Dan Pentimone, a host for the past four years, shares his reasons for being a host in his hometown:

We were excited because this is the opportunity to impact young people for Christ. And as our children got involved and we saw the impact that it made in our children’s lives, we thought, we could do this with other families. It’s a great opportunity.

You’re seeing young people who are growing in their love for Scripture and that, in itself, is the greatest reward. And if you can do that for another family, why wouldn’t you want to? Why wouldn’t you host?

To learn more about how you can get involved as a host, go to biblebee.org/summer-study-host/