Growing in Christian Maturity

February 19, 2019

The title How Should We Then Live? by Dr. Francis Schaeffer asks a question that the Epistle of James answers. In this practical letter, James not only addresses a variety of problems plaguing the church in the first century, but he also lays out clear solutions to guide believers in living out their faith through godly works.

Christian maturity, referred to in James 1:2– 4, is the main theme of this letter, and James lays out requirements, not suggestions, through his use of imperatives.

With more than fifty imperatives or commands in James, you may think that you need to work for your salvation. But even if you obeyed all the commands perfectly, that would not secure your salvation. Salvation is by grace alone, and it is through your believing faith in Christ that active deeds thrive.

Jesus Christ also gave many commands in the greatest sermon on earth, the Sermon on the Mount. In contrast, Jesus commences His sermon with the well-known beatitudes that pronounce blessings on those who are being admonished to grow in maturity.

Take time this week to study James and learn more about how to grow in Christian maturity.

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