Have you been watching the National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC) Show? This heart-grabbing proclamation of God’s Word was recorded last November and shares the thrilling conclusion of the National Bible Bee Competition.

The contestants for the NBBC Show are chosen from the annual National Bible Bee Summer Study in 3 age divisions: Primary (ages 7-10), Junior (ages 11-14) and Senior (ages 15-18). The top 120 contestants in each division compete nationally in Scripture knowledge and memorization. In preparation, young people commit to memory up to 950 Bible verses.

The NBBC Show is co-hosted by Emeal Zwayne, president of Living Waters Publications, identical twins Jason and David Benham, former professional baseball players, best selling authors and serial entrepreneurs, and Hannah Leary, winner at the first National Bible Bee Game Show.

Real estate entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, Jason and David Benham, are no strangers to television. Their show on HGTV was cancelled due to the stand they took for their faith. “Watching these young people stand and recite Scripture from memory is incredible,” says David Benham.  Jason quickly added, “And to do it with that level of boldness and confidence is truly inspiring.”

Emeal Zwayne, the national spokesperson for the National Bible Bee, says, “The National Bible Bee Competition is a culmination of not only months of study and memorization but also prayer and dedication. We have been blessed beyond measure to watch these young people recite Scripture.”

Hannah Leary, of Buffalo, NY, says the competition is far more than rote memorization. “It’s not just memorizing Scripture,” Leary explained.“It’s studying Scripture and being able to dive in deep and understand what God has to say in His Word.”She adds,“All contestants know that the real prize of the National Bible Bee is the Word of God.”

Catch the latest episode on BibleBee.tv or learn how you can get involved at biblebee.org/summer-study