The Discovery Journal includes the study of key words in the Scriptures in their original language in order to better understand what is being memorized. Rachel Crosswhite, an NBB Alumni and now host, shares her insights on how to study Hebrew and Greek words:

I remember as a contestant being somewhat baffled at the idea of learning the Hebrew and Greek words. But really, once you know how to study them, it isn’t that hard. First of all, have fun! You will find that studying for the National Bible Bee can be an enjoyable, creative adventure! Focus on the Hebrew and Greek words contained in the Discovery Journal, but don’t be afraid to do your own studies. Blue Letter Bible is a great website to use for this.

Another tool that helped me learn my Hebrew and Greek was Quizlet – you can make study sets with your Hebrew and Greek words and play fun, interactive study games – all for free! I loved to make flashcards with the key Hebrew and Greek words – English word on one side, transliteration on the other. I also liked to time myself by going through the flashcards as quickly as possible, to see how many I could get right. It was always exciting when I beat my latest personal record.

And lastly, don’t forget to learn the general meanings of the words. Remember that the Bible was originally written in these languages, and by studying these words, you may gain special insights that you wouldn’t have had otherwise! May the Lord bless you as you study His Word!

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