One of the main goals of the Discovery Journal is being able to dig deeper and gain insight on the Study passage. This year, we are studying Genesis 38-50. In order to dig deeper into this passage, the Discovery Journal encourages participants to compare various Bible translations, identify key topics, look up important words in their original language, and explore cross references. All of this starts by simply reading the passage. But in order to glean these additional insights, participants need to use some additional tools. 

One of our favorite Bible study resources is Blue Letter Bible. This website offers multiple tools that we encourage Summer Study participants to use on a regular basis during their studies. 

Here are some of the tools that Blue Letter Bible offers:

  • Bible Dictionaries & Commentaries 
  • Multiple Bible Versions
  • Cross Reference Library
  • Hebrew & Greek text comparisons 

If you are new to inductive & in-depth Bible study, Blue Letter Bible is an excellent place to find tools & resources to get started! Check out how to use some of their amazing tools here!