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This summer, thousands of young people across the nation will come together and commit to memorizing God’s Word. Whether it is one verse or hundreds, Scripture is making an eternal impact in their lives. Not sure where to start? Holly Ciampi, 2016 Alumnus, offers the following tips for memorization:

“A little tip that helped me flow through a memory passage is to draw a picture of the main theme of each of the passages. Not only did this help me remember what the passage as a whole was about, but it also helped me to create a reference point if I was asked questions on the passage later.

Sometimes what is the hardest is remembering the reference with the beginning of the passage. I suggest spending some time saying the reference along with the first five words of the passage a few times over. This will help you remember how to start the passage. Getting stuck in the middle of the passage? It could be that you are stopping at the end of each verse in the passage.

Again, it would be helpful to spend some time reciting the last few words of one verse along with the first few words of the next verse. This will help you better flow through your passages and keep you straight on where you are in the passage! The more you exercise your memory, the stronger you will get, both physically and spiritually! Remember that the Lord also gives you strength even when you feel weak! (Isaiah 40:29, 2 Corinthians 12:9)”

While getting the passages wordperfect is an admirable goal, the true treasure is found when we open ourselves up to the Scriptures. Learn how you can get involved with the study and memorization of God’s Word at biblebee.org/summer-study

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