The National Bible Bee is blessed with amazing alumni who demonstrate through their lives the blessing of having God’s Word in their hearts. Hannah Cooksey competed in the National Bible Bee Competition several years back, yet the Lord still uses what she has learned in her daily life:

“My ‘Bible Bee years’ were 2012-2014, but the beauty of the National Bible Bee is that it doesn’t stop when you age out. Because of the National Bible Bee, I have studied and memorized thousands of verses that God brings to mind when I am witnessing, counseling a friend, or just need encouragement myself.

Best of all, the National Bible Bee instilled in me a thirst for God’s Word and I still study and memorize it even though I am a 21-year-old with a busy life. God has blessed me with an exciting job as a paralegal for a conservative nonprofit and I love being involved in ministry whether it’s at my church or elsewhere. I am so grateful for the ways that studying for the National Bible Bee stretched me, grew me, and prepared me for my adult life.”

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