We are delighted to have Mallory Powell Courter share her testimony with us and how memorizing Scripture impacted her life.

Tell us a little about yourself.
“Hi everyone. My name is Mallory Courter. I competed in the 2010 and 2011 National Bible Bee, placing second in 2010. Less than a year after my last Nationals in 2011, I married my childhood friend, Aaron. And now, almost 7 years later, here I am: mother to three of the most precious souls on earth: Owen (5), Etta (3), and Edmund (9 months). We live in the tiniest little town in middle Tennessee; but it’s home, and we love it.”

What are you currently pursuing?
“I’m kind of immersed in all things related to being a mommy right now so that’s mainly where my heart is at. I love talking with older moms who have gone before me and also encouraging young newlyweds and mothers in some of the things I’ve learned about what being a godly mother looks like.”

What is your favorite memory from National Bible Bee?
“Oh goodness! How to pick a favorite?! So many good memories in those two years! If I had to narrow it down to two, it would be these: 1) Two entire summer and fall seasons spent totally immersed in the Word of God. Spending 2-3 hours a day just reciting Scripture and several more studying is time that I will forever be grateful for. The last year I competed, all of my brothers did as well so our entire family was completely saturated in God’s Word and it bore tremendous fruit. 2) All the friends I made. A lot of them I’m able to keep up with on social media so there’s a way to still stay connected. And I recently ran into some Bible Bee friends all the way up in VA which was so cool! There’s a special bond and camaraderie that I feel with fellow Bible Bee contestants that gives us an instant connection.”

How did the time spent studying Scripture impact you?
“You know God promises that His Word will not return void and He never breaks His promises. I’m not able to perfectly quote a majority of the Bible verses I learned anymore, but they’re still tucked away in the recesses of my mind and whenever I hear them or come across them in my Bible reading, they come back pretty quickly. Having Scripture verses at the ready is crucial for all believers, but I find it especially helpful when it comes to parenting little ones.

How do you prioritize God’s Word in your life now?
“Yikes. This is something that I struggle with all the time and usually fail at. I no longer have the luxury of spending hours and hours in God’s Word, so it takes an extra level of discipline to dedicate time for myself in the Word. Like I said, I fail at this so often, but I have been endeavoring to set my alarm a little earlier in the mornings so I can have time to myself in the Word before the kids wake up. And then in the evenings, we try to spend time reading the Word as a family.”

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