Have you ever wondered about your future? Have you ever worried because you were not sure where your life was headed? Today, one of the National Bible Bee Alumni, Daniel Russell, shares about his journey after high school and how he learned to trust God even through uncertainty. 

“I was able to do Bible Bee from 2009-2016 and made it to the National Bible Bee Competition six times. I live here in LA on the West Coast and love just about everything that has to do with the outdoors and board sports. I’m also a huge baseball and football fan, and love good music from basically all genres. I help lead worship with my siblings at our church, which is literally on the beach. It’s an awesome ministry! 

Since I became a National Bible Bee alum, I graduated high school and started college online with Lumerit Education and Liberty University. It’s been a great journey and I’m now a junior with absolutely no student loans and debt. I’m pursuing a B.S. in History in hopes of being a professor so I can engage in the culture war taking place in universities all across the country. I feel so thoroughly alive discussing politics, philosophy, and current events and I want to help make these topics relatable to students through the lens of history. 

One of the ideas I’ve latched onto over the last few years is that you don’t need your whole life figured out right now. Instead, seek God diligently, have a solid one year plan, and then a basic framework to shoot for in the future. Many times there is no way of knowing what God has in store for us even in just a short time. Once I realized this, I’ve found peace and comfort in the arms of my wise and loving Father, who cares so deeply for me! 

In November 2017 while volunteering as a Division Guide at the NBBC, my life was filled with uncertainty. I had just started school online and wasn’t sure how I liked it. I didn’t have a steady job, I didn’t have a car, and I was certain once I got a job, it would mean the end of family camping trips, National Bible Bee trips, and a lot of the golden parts of my life. So, I prayed. I asked if there was a way I could find work with someone I knew who would be willing to give me time off for the times that were so important to me. I didn’t really think it would amount to much but about a month later, a family friend offered me a job with his pool company. He’s understanding when I need to take time off. In fact, I was just able to go to Africa on a missions trip and a family camping trip back to back for over a month. It’s such a blessing. To top it off, my neighbor sold me a car for a great price that has given me almost no issues over a year and a half. God had my back. I didn’t need to worry!

I was forever affected by my time in the National Bible Bee. Over the years, I was able to drink in thousands of anointed verses, indulge in hours of in depth bible study, and fellowship with fun and encouraging godly kids. While I may not remember every single verse I memorized (or close to it), over and over again passages and ideas I studied are brought to my head in key situations. The comfort, conviction, and clarity they pour out are priceless. I am able to be a more effective ambassador for Jesus when people ask the tough questions of life, since I know exactly what God has to say about it. It is so so rare that young people are able to do that. Our words can either bring people closer to Jesus and break down walls of doubt and deception, or they can drive them away and strengthen their skepticism. 

Studying and memorizing Scripture is a worthy use of your time that you will treasure for years to come, and the relationships you make through National Bible Bee can last a lifetime. I find this to be true in my life and I wholeheartedly believe it can be your story as well!”