What better way to spend your summer than to memorize the Bible through the National Bible Bee (NBB) Summer Study! Join thousands of participants from all across the country as they embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the scriptures.

The Summer Study is an 8 week adventure beginning in early June and goes through the beginning of August. Participants are given a book of the Bible to study and 14 passages to memorize. Using the Discovery Journal, participants are guided through each day in how to study a passage to unlock the study passage. They will learn how to find cross references that relate to the study passage, important Greek and Hebrew words, background information, context as well as how to apply the Scriptures in your life. There are also verse cards with the memory passages to make it easier to memorize. 

Children ages 5-18 participate in one of 4 age divisions: Beginner, Primary, Junior, and Senior. Each division has an age appropriate Discovery Journal and verses to memorize. No matter which division a participant falls under, they are sure to discover how to study the Bible in depth, find resources to help, explore ways to memorize, and join a community with a desire to know God and make Him known. 

Participants in the Summer Study have several different communities available to them. There are many NBB host groups all around the country ready to encourage and come alongside participants through their Summer Study journey, and through the host groups, join with other participants in their area. In addition to host groups, participants have access to the online community where participants from all over the country join together.

At the end of the Summer Study, participants take part in the NBB Proclaim! Day where they are able to take what they have learned from the Summer Study and share it with their local community. Participants are also encouraged to take the National Bible Bee Competition Qualifying Test in early August. Whoever places in the top 120 in each division are invited to compete further at the National Bible Bee Competition. 

Why not join the adventure? Join now and let the exciting journey begin!

Written by National Bible Bee Alumna: Abigail Charleston