Resources from our Ministry Partner, The Rebelution

June 26, 2020

The most meaningful things in life usually involve intense work and commitment. Relationships, church, families, businesses, mountain summit views–you name it. God has given teenagers the talents and abilities to start engaging in the world in a way culture doesn’t always expect them and, to the contrary, often encourages them not to. Young people have the ability to do hard things for the glory of Christ. 

That’s why we love our Ministry Partner, the Rebelution. The Rebelution is a blog and an online community for young people, encouraging them to begin embracing the hard parts of life instead of running from them. 

That begins with understanding our King and the Kingdom he’s called us to serve. How do we understand? By knowing the Scriptures. Few things are as foundational to The Rebelution as Bible study and memorization and they have written many articles about this very topic. 

Check out some of the resources & testimonies from National Bible Bee participants and alumni on their blog about getting into the Word of God as a teenager. 

How to Incorporate Bible Study and Memorization into Your Daily Routine by Bella Morganthal 

Shaping our minds through Scripture (during a crazy pandemic) by Katherine Forster

Why Memorize Scripture (and three tips to get started) by Hannah Leary

An conversation with Seth Ross

A conversation with Daniel & Kate Russell 

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