How to Use the National Bible Bee Social Community

May 5, 2021

If you have joined the National Bible Bee Social Community, and aren’t quite sure how to use it, here are some tips to get you started. The social community is only available to current registered participants and hosts. To register, go to

Participant Group

The participant group is located on the home page under “Social Groups,” or on both the sidebar and dropdown menu under “Groups.” It is reserved for questions, study tips, and encouragement related to the National Bible Bee.

Discussion Forums

For off-topic conversations, discussion forums are the place to do it. There is a “Discussions” tab that you can find when you’re in the Participant Group, and there are a large variety of topics you may participate in, from books, to personality types, to hobbies. You can also start your own discussions for others to participate in. For discussions that you are interested in, you may click “subscribe,” to receive emails when someone has added a new comment to the discussion. 


This shows all updates- posts from the Participant Group, as well as timeline posts from your connections, and anyone you “follow.” This feature is the first thing listed on the sidebar.


Your personal timeline is for updates that don’t belong in the Participant Group- for example, a picture of your pet, a funny story that happened to you, or other things unrelated to NBB that you would like to share with your friends. Only those who you are connected with, or who follow you, will see your timeline posts. To post on your personal timeline, go under “activity,” and there will be a box to post in, at the top of the page.

Note: When you are posting, if you want everyone to see your post, be sure you are doing it in the participant group, and not on your personal timeline! This includes personal introductions, prayer requests, study tips, and other things you don’t want anyone to miss out on seeing.

To see other people’s timelines, go to “activity,” and click on either “connections,” or “following,” depending on who’s timelines you want to see.

Documents and Photos

Create your own document to easily share study tips and printables during the NBB study season. Upload photos for others to see on your timeline. The photos can be of artwork, encouraging Scripture, memes, study materials, and more.

Connections and Following

When you “connect” with someone, this enables you to see their personal timeline in your “activity” feed. There is also the option to private message your connections. If you “follow” someone, you can still see their timeline, but it doesn’t allow private messaging.


This is where you can see any new private messages, connection requests, replies to comments you’ve posted, or if someone mentions you, all in one place. When you click on a notification, it will take you right to the appropriate place (e.g. to the new private message).


Anything we didn’t cover? Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion “Questions for the Alumni Service Team” on the Social Community, and we would be happy to help as you navigate the online community this year!

Written by NBB Alumna: Ruth Derby

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