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The Summer Study is just around the corner and it’s time to get excited about the 2020 National Bible Bee season! Truly a life changing experience, the National Bible Bee (NBB) has been impacting young people and families since 2009. Today, Blanca Ocon* shares her story with NBB:

“What I like most about Bible Bee is the fellowship. Every gathering is amazing!! It’s a new experience for me and my two boys Daniel 11 yrs and Nathan 9 yrs. The kids are always ready for more. My heart rejoices to see and hear kids of all ages memorizing God’s word. As a mother, I believe that everything we do for our families is never in vain. I am thankful for the Boulware family for saying “yes” to Jesus and dedicating their Summer to [hosting a National] Bible Bee [group]. I am so excited for this new year 2020!! God bless you all!!”

*Blanca and her family have participated in the National Bible Bee for 2 years. 

So, with step-by-step resources, participants can embark on this life changing journey, learning how to explore and understand Biblical truths for themselves. As young people memorize Bible verses and inductively dig into a book of the Bible, they can share their discoveries in the online community, or by participating in a host group. Throughout the study, kids and teens will learn how to spend quiet time with God, recognize the value and importance of prayer, and discover different tools to help them unlock the treasures of Scripture. 

In addition, once the Summer Study ends, participants are invited to take the National Bible Bee Qualifying Test. Those who score in the top 120 of their age division will have the opportunity to continue on to the National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC), which lasts through the end of the year.

However, more than preparation for the NBBC Qualifying Test, the Summer Study prepares and equips young people to face the spiritual battles of daily life. Simultaneously, it fosters and cultivates a deep love for God’s word in their hearts. 

Will you commit to unlock the scriptures this Summer, and spend time in God’s word with the National Bible Bee?

Written by National Bible Bee Alumna: Tabby Boulware