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Seth Ross recites at the National Bible Bee Competition 2018

Each year, a contestant who displays excellence in Scripture recitation through clear and spirited delivery is awarded the Chairman’s Oratory Award at the National Bible Bee Competition. This award is given to encourage contestants to not only memorize Scripture but to share it with fervor and faith.

Seth Ross was the recipient of this award at the 2018 NBBC. Seth’s enthusiasm for God’s Word was evident throughout the event, especially when on stage to recite. At the awards ceremony, when asked why he was passionate about the Scriptures, he stated:

I think one of the things that we tend to think, since there’s so much in the Bible, is that it is more like a textbook. And a lot of times, people have the wrong paradigm of God, everything from Him being a vending machine to a taskmaster, but neither is an accurate representation. The Word of God is life. When it’s in us, it affects everything we do. When we hide God’s Word in our heart, that permeates everything. God’s Word is life and that life is in us.

Seth is not alone in his views regarding Bible. Participants of the National Bible Bee embark on a journey through the Scriptures in order to know God’s Word and how it affects their daily life. To learn more about getting involved, visit biblebee.org/summer-study.

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