Embracing the Powerful Words of the Bible: A Participant Testimony

May 3, 2023

The Helton family has participated in the National Bible Bee for 8 years, since 2016. They are a family who is faithful in studying the Word of God and living it out, always encouraging others to do the same. Today they would like to encourage you by sharing some of their NBB story and testimony!

The youngest Helton, Tyrus, is a 5-year-old beginner, and has basically been participating in the National Bible Bee for his entire life, memorizing and learning more each year, even by simply watching his older brothers.

Matthias, who is 8 years old and in the Primary division, says he is looking forward to learning even more about the Bible through the summer study this year. He mentions that a few of his favorite parts of the Bible to hear and study are the stories of David and Goliath, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and Elijah on Mount Carmel facing the false prophets of Baal. These are his favorites because “God really shows up in them” and manifests His power and presence. 

Seth is 12 years old, and fits in the age range of the Junior division. He enjoys meeting together with his host group, and comments, “I like the singing the most—the worship, then I like the games, [especially] when we use Bible verses in a game.” When asked what he’d say to someone to encourage them to participate in the National Bible Bee, he answers, “I’d say that it’s fun and it’s just good to learn Bible verses.” He also remarks that a host group is a great place to “have a lot of opportunities to talk and get to know people” who are like-minded.

Joey, who is 15 years old and in the Senior division this year, says that his favorite aspect of the National Bible Bee summer study is studying the cross-references. He remarks that he really enjoys “seeing how the Bible correlates” with itself. When asked how the National Bible Bee has impacted him personally, he says that the Bible knowledge he has gained has been an invaluable tool he’s been able to use with other Bible studies and in apologetics and sharing his faith.

Sierra Helton, mom to these four boys, also has some testimony, wisdom, and advice to share with us in her answers to a few questions!

How has the National Bible Bee impacted you as a parent?

“I have been impacted as a parent especially with the desire to continue to learn more with my kids about the amazing Word of God. It is SO easy to take a break over the summer and get caught up playing in His creation and forget that we still need to be in the Word. The National Bible Bee gives me that motivation to encourage my kids in His truths all summer long.”

Has being part of a host group helped/encouraged your family? In what ways?

“I definitely do not think our experience with the National Bible Bee would even be remotely close to what it is without our host group! The relationships and experiences with our group have been lovely and they challenge us to do more. It would be much easier to skip parts of the study when we got behind if we didn’t have the accountability of our group. I would definitely suggest any family try to be a part of a host group if they can!”

Is it possible to do the National Bible Bee Summer Study Discovery Journal while traveling/when you travel during the summer? How do you make that work?

“We have definitely done the study while traveling, in fact, probably at least a part of every year. We’ve even had our supplies shipped to Grandma’s house to be able to get started on time. We often just make that work by prioritizing the study as our family devotion time. There’s always a missed day here or there, but it’s not too hard to catch up. Having verse cards printed and handy while driving is a must. Every few hours, we review whatever we’ve been working on between other things occupying our time on the road.”

What would you say to someone considering signing up for the National Bible Bee Summer Study?

“If someone was considering signing up, I would say, do it! Even if you don’t end up tackling all of the full study, you will learn and grow. Some of these amazing kids memorize hundreds of verses in a season. Sometimes mine memorize four. That’s four more than they knew before, and I call that a win. That said, I would also say, jump in fully, try your best, and embrace the powerful words of the Bible.”

So are you still considering whether to sign up to study God’s Word through the National Bible Bee this summer? If so, in the words of Mrs. Helton, “do it!” We would be thrilled to have you join us on this journey!

Learn more here: 2023.biblebee.org

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