Benefits of the NBB Participant Community

May 26, 2021

The National Bible Bee (NBB) Participant Community is a great way to connect with other like-minded believers this summer. Upon signing up for the NBB Summer Study, families will have the option to access a private community for registered 2021 participants. NBB families, hosts, and alumni will have a place here as well to support other contestants during the study season. 

*It’s suggested that parents come alongside their younger participants to help them navigate the community if they choose to join.

Here are just five benefits of joining the NBB Participant Community:

  • Families will find support and encouragement throughout the NBB season.

The NBB has an extremely supportive network even amidst the competition. In joining the community, you’ll find the encouragement you need to take studying God’s Word to the next level. Separate discussions within the community are created to uplift any NBB family, from prayer requests and study tips to fun conversations. It’s evident that the Word of God is the main focus.

  • Participants can meet and connect with other like-minded believers. 

Hundreds of young people from across the nation join the community each year. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded believers, make lifelong friends, and establish accountability during the study season. Pairing up with other participants to study God’s Word together is an encouragement, and culminates with being able to meet them in person at the National Bible Bee Competition (NBBC)! 

  •  Newcomers can easily find answers to their questions. 

Especially for first year participants, many questions can arise concerning the Discovery Journal, Memory Passages, and even the NBBC. Other experienced participants, alumni, and hosts are present in the community to help point you in the right direction. Reaching out to others in the NBB clears up any confusion any participants may have – the fun way. 

  • Users have the opportunity to take part in fun community activities.

Each year, alumni within the community create fun activities called “community quests” for registered participants to enhance their NBB experience. Some examples of activities could include drawing contests, practice tests, challenges, and more! Participants will be encouraged to know their Creator in ways they won’t forget. 

  • Participants can benefit from helpful resources shared by other participants.

New participants can find a wide range of study help in the community from practice tests, to online flashcard sets. If you’d like to share something you’ve created, or would like to benefit from resources others have made, you can do so in the community. The number of materials available are endless and extremely useful as participants prepare for the competition.

Whether this is your first or fifth year participating in the NBB, consider joining the Participant Community. It’s guaranteed you’ll be encouraged by connecting with other families as they come alongside you to know God and make Him known this year. 

Written by NBB Alumna: Hannah Kohner

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