A Reflection on the Changing Seasons

November 15, 2023

Changing seasons bring tinted leaves, falling snow, fruitful trees. 

Changing seasons bring hopeful days, joyful laughter, heartache. 


Sunny days of laughter, starry nights after.

Life at its fullest, joy at its peak!

Faith in our Creator nearly second nature. 

Why should we want anything? Our Shepherd in green pastures sings 

a song to make us praise and dance, light filling every circumstance!

The breezy days just flutter on, till we’re surprised by—


There’s beauty in the bright colors, it sometimes takes our breath away. 

Then other days we cannot see it, our view is thick with menacing clouds of gray. 

The times of waiting suddenly abound, with answers seeming to come like dead leaves—brown. 

There’s nothing living—so it seems, only dying, like our dreams. 

An age ago now seems the Summer, and now we feel it come—


Swirling squalls of sleet and snow. 

Freezing falls make fleets of frost. 

Coursing courage claimed by cold. 

Lingering leaves at last are lost. 

But even in the blurry blizzard, don’t miss the artist’s brush—

Each snowflake and each heartache bears His own unique touch. 

So seek to peer through the fog of tears—

Look if you can see the glittering

Signs of what is near—


A new sprout, a bud!

Where ‘twas thought all was dead. 

A new life, a love!

Where ‘twas thought all was gone. 

The watering, and blowing, and testing, and blustering—

Are found to be a strengthening, a helping, a seeding, a harvesting. 

The Maker molds Creation’s growth with seeds of hope for me, for you—

When He makes all things—


Written by NBB Alumna: Bethany Boone

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