Summer Study Host Group

A host group is a group of registered participants who meet to study Scripture and encourage each other during the Summer Study. Each group has a leader, called a host, who facilitates meetings for registered participants to practice memory verses, play games, and have community with like-minded friends. A host can choose to have a group in-person or online, whichever is the best fit for their ability and availability.

Host Social Community

This community is a private social platform where registered hosts can  network with other hosts from across the country to share encouragement, ideas and resources.

Become a host

A host is someone with a passion for encouraging others to study and memorize God’s Word. They are leaders in their community and eager to see the impact of Scripture in their hometown. A host partners with the National Bible Bee in its vision to “Know God’s Word and Make Him Known” in their community.

What a host does

  • Invites their community to participate in the National Bible Bee Summer Study.
  • Invests in their community by:
    1. Encouraging Summer Study participants (ages 7–18) to study and memorize God’s Word through the National Bible Bee Discovery Journal.
    2. Supporting participants throughout the Summer Study who wish to qualify to compete in the National Bible Bee Competition.
  • Inspires their community by hosting a National Bible Bee Proclaim Day.

*Ages 18+ can register to become a Summer Study host. Refund Policy

Registration Includes

  • Training videos and webinars
  • Host toolbox (host shirt, promotional materials, etc.)
  • Access to host dashboard and host social community
  • Official host group listing for participant registration
  • Discovery Journal PDF of each edition for the upcoming Summer Study (when available)

*Participant registration is a separate process that begins in March.

Important Dates

National Bible Bee Competition: November 7 – 10

Important Dates

National Bible Bee Competition: November 7 – 10

2022 Participants

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Interested in being a host?

Join us as a host in 2023! Send us your name and email and we’ll let you know when it’s time to register as a host.