Do your kids know how to study the Bible for themselves? Do they have the keys to unlock the truth?

The 8-week Discovery Journal teaches an easy method to study the Scriptures – in less than 20 minutes a day!

It is designed to be flexible enough for any context, from school and church curriculums to personal study time. We believe that God’s Word speaks to all of us, regardless of our experience or background.

This simple study gives any student the confidence to dive into the profound truths found in Scripture. Each student will be able to study at their knowledge level – answering the questions as simply or proficiently as they want. Soon your kids will be explaining the Bible to YOU!

The Discovery Journal

The first segment, the Study Keys, explains the tools for unlocking Gods Word and how to use them. The tools include Greek and Hebrew word studies, historical and cultural contexts, crossreference studies, and more!

The Journal takes the student on a journey through the Scriptures, asking questions designed to help the student learn the tools and discover the Bible for themselves. Read a sample day: Senior Edition Primary Edition.

For the individuals who want to go even further, the Discovery Journal also provides an in-depth, competition study. We offer the Discovery Journal in four age divisions, which includes the study portion used for the competition level.(The Beginner Discovery Journal is not a competition level therefore does not include the competition portion of the study)

Senior (15-18)
Junior (11-14)
Primary (7-10)
Beginner (<6)
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