Precious Revelation: A Participant Testimony

March 16, 2022

Registration for the National Bible Bee Summer Study is here! This summer, thousands of young people from across the nation will study God’s Word, memorize invaluable Bible passages, and connect with other believers. Hiding God’s Word in your heart, and having the tools to unlock the Scriptures is foundational, and here we have a contestant sharing with us about how it has changed his life.

“Scripture is the written revelation that God has given us,” says 16-year-old Josiah Auerbach. “Studying and memorizing it is our way of being able to know God and learn what He wants to teach us. We are told in Scripture that it won’t return void. Knowing that Scripture is the way that my Savior has allowed me to know Him, motivates me to memorize as much of it as is possible with the time that I have. This precious revelation is our guide to life.”

Of the many portions of Scripture Josiah has memorized, Philippians 2:1-13 is especially meaningful to him. “It lays out with such clarity Christ’s sacrifice for us, [and] it emphasizes Christ’s willingness to humble himself and take the form of a servant.”

Josiah shared how “knowing God’s Word has helped me when I am at work in a secular environment, to not be conformed to this world but be transformed. It has helped me to purposely keep my mind on things above and not on things on earth.”

When asked why he would encourage young people to join the National Bible Bee (NBB), he said, “First of all, if you have not competed in NBB, I would encourage you to participate because it motivates you to memorize and study Scripture much deeper than you would on your own. Secondly, through the NBB you will make many godly friends who will encourage you to dive deeper into God’s Word! Finally, you will find that participating in the NBB will help you grow closer to Christ through the study and memorization of His Word.” 

Composed by NBB Alumna: Ruth Derby

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