This summer, thousands of young people across the nation will learn how to unlock Scripture and memorize God’s Word in an eight-week guided study. Today, we get to hear from three of these participants, as they share how their time in God’s Word during the National Bible Bee Summer Study has impacted, encouraged, and challenged them.

Timothy Reed is a 13-year-old National Bible Bee participant, who competed for his first time last year. He says, “My favorite part about the National Bible Bee is being able to study and memorize God’s Word so extensively and being able to get to know other godly influences who are close to my age. I think it is really neat how your biggest competitors can be your best friends… I admire that quality of friendship in the National Bible Bee! Although at times the Summer Study and the National Bible Bee Competition study was very hard, I benefited mightily from [participating in the NBB], and I am so looking forward to doing it again this year! It really grew me in my walk with God and in my knowledge of the Scriptures. I would definitely encourage anyone to do the National Bible Bee, and I know I am going to recommend my friends to do it as well!” 

14-year-old Maret Haab says, “One of the biggest ways the National Bible Bee has changed me is how it taught me to look at the Bible in a totally different way. I never before thought of all the ways the different parts of the Bible are connected to each other, or what the deeper meaning of words are. This has really helped me in my personal Bible reading, and it helps me understand so much more of God’s Word!”

Being part of a host group adds extra motivation and good fellowship to the Summer Study. When asked about the host group she is part of, Maret said, “It’s amazing! It’s really relaxed, with a lot of fun games to test what we’ve learned, practice tests, and opportunities to recite our verses to the parents. It’s really a blessing to spend time with all these families who really love God’s word, and want to study it in their summer and fall.” 

After ten years of participating in the Summer Study, 16-year-old Julia Mieczkowski sums up her favorite part of the NBB in these words: “I love how National Bible Bee brings my focus back to the Word while I’m finding like-minded friends that will encourage me in the Lord.” She also said that “[NBB has] helped me be committed to memorize Bible passages and live them out.”

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