National Bible Bee Competition 2020

The National Bible Bee Competition hosts 360 of the top contestants from around the nation who compete for over $100,000 in prize money in a heart-grabbing competition. Contestants receive a study passage and additional memory passage where they apply the tools they learned over the Summer Study to their own study. The Semi-Finals and Finals of the National Bible Bee Competition 2020 will be held at JW Marriott in San Antonio, TX on November 8-10, 2020.


Primary Semi-Finalists

Josephine Lee

Lucas Thomas

Joseph George

Gracelyn Stephen

Viaan Oggi

Jeremiah Chew

Mia Fuller

Abigail Chew

Emily Martin

Shireen Valasagandla

Jeremiah Cho

Julie Pan

Hosanna Brown

Matthew Lee

Joy Luo

Junior Semi-Finalists

Ginger Markides

Anastasia Irene Brown

Rebekah Che

Patrick Lee

Ellia Pentimone

Elizabeth Brown

Thomas Moss

Lydia Charleston

Justice Lu

Anabel Chen

Emily Fry

Amy Mathew

Faith Pentimone

Maret Haab

Beth Cho

Senior Semi-Finalists

Dylan George

Joyce Lu

Hannah Davidsmeier

Samuel Martin

Olivia Davis

Louisa Haab

Hudson Bontrager

Titus Alexander

Madison Cantey

Kara Drotar

Abigail Lee

Elizabeth Chen

Caleb Urdaneta

Taylor Carpenter

Katherine Rinker

Perfect Oral Recitation Award

Congratulations to the recipients of the Perfect Oral Recitation Award!
**NBBC Semi-Finalists not included

Mikhenna Brown

Catherine Chen

Allison Doonan

Janaya Hofmeister

Patrick Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Grace Lu

Vivian Markides

Lauren Martin

Cole Martin

Rhett Mullen

Jonathan Rinker

Hannah Smith