National Bible Bee Competition 2018

The National Bible Bee Competition hosts 360 of the top contestants from around the nation who compete for over $100,000 in prize money in a heart-grabbing competition. Contestants receive a study passage and additional memory passage where they apply the tools they learned over the Thrive Summer Study to their own study.

The National Bible Bee Competition 2018 was held at Oak Hills Church (Crownridge Campus) in San Antonio on December 3–6, 2018. Full results are available below. 

Primary Finalists

Jedidiah Persall

First Place

Faith Pentimone

Second Place

Elizabeth Lee

Third Place

Jamie Hawkins

Fourth Place

Arleigh Albertsen

Fifth Place

Primary Semifinalists

Elliott Awomoyi

Elizabeth Brown

Hannah Chew

Shiphrah Chintha

Destiny Erazo

Kaydee Foerster

Kevin Kauffman

Michael Kolagani

Joseph Luo

Elisabeth Pantea

Junior Finalists

Grace Chen

First Place

Louisa Haab

Second Place

Titus Alexander

Third Place

Hannah Wright

Fourth Place

Hudson Bontrager

Fifth Place

Junior Semifinalists

Anastasia Brown

Abby Carpenter

Beth Cho

Emma Fernandez

Emily Fry

Abigail Lee

Grace Lu

Parker Ly

Grace Pantea

Seth Ross

Senior Finalists

Grace Wanliss

First Place

Olivia Davis

Second Place

Carrie-Grace McConkey

Third Place

Katherine Rinker

Fourth Place

Hannah Davidsmeier

Fifth Place

Senior Semifinalists

Madelyn Almond

Emily Cox

Kara Drotar

Kelsey Gjesdal

Josephine Haab

Micah Kauffman

Peace Lu

Anna Moss

Kara Renfer

Claire Rinker

NBBC 2018 Qualifiers

Congratulations to our 2018 National Bible Bee Competition Qualifiers!
Click on the images below to view each division.

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